Remember him? Former governor of Iowa, ran a brief presidential campaign earlier this year that went nowhere, amassed almost $100,000 of debt that he couldn’t get rid of, then dropped out and apparently sold his endorsement to the Clinton money machine to pay off his creditors. I’d call him a rent boy but that term has connotations I don’t want to impute to him, so let’s call him an errand boy instead. Here’s the errand boy repaying the Glacier’s kindness by dumping on Rudy’s personal life so that she doesn’t have to do it herself and give the right even more of an excuse to revisit BJ’s endless sex scandals. That’s okay. All in due time. As for what he says about Hillary leading all Republican candidates head to head, while that’s true at the moment, it also happens to be true that both Obama and Silky lead the Republican field by even wider margins than she does. It’s not a Hillary thing, in other words, it’s a Democratic thing. If anything, she’s weighing them down.