Thanks to Omri Ceren for the tip. If this is a joke, Newt should have made it clearer that he’s joking. If it’s not a joke but also not true, he owes the Times a groveling apology. If it’s not a joke and true — well, let’s just say next week will be a busy one for right-wing bloggers.

I can’t find any confirmation on the wires. Burn your source, Newt!

Update: A commenter says this may have originated as a joke by Laura Ingraham which Newt took seriously. I’m going to try to check with Laura’s producer.

Update: Other commenters are confirming that Ingraham did indeed joke about this yesterday during an interview with Gingrich and then said this morning, after the segment aired on F&F, that she was sorry he had misinterpreted her humor. Still waiting to hear from her producer but the time for groveling may be near.

Update: Laura’s producer e-mails, “she was joking and it originated on our show.” I’m going to try to get an mp3 of her talking about it this morning. Let the Gingrich groveling begin!

Update: Here’s the audio of Ingraham from this morning.