She starts with a slap at “Slippery” Shuster and it’s all downhill from there. The most annoying bit isn’t from Matthews, ironically, it’s from Chuck Todd recycling the left’s dreary, pitiful meme that any subject of conservative interest other than Iraq is a contrived “distraction” from Iraq. That comes from the same childish impulse as the screeching about the supposed coincidence between terror alerts and Republican scandals, even though there were no alerts during the period of steady decline in Bush’s approval rating after Hurricane Katrina and deterioration in Iraq in early 2006. After round-the-clock coverage of Petraeus’s testimony last week, a burst of opinion polls before and afterwards about the effect of the progress report, independent analyses among all the major papers of whether conditions have improved, and two votes already this week in the Senate on withdrawal proposals, Todd has all the attention on Iraq he needs to make the case for a pullout. If the fish aren’t biting, then perhaps it’s time, shall we say, to MoveOn.

I tacked on 20 extra seconds of stupidity at the end. Listen closely as someone in the background drops something on the set and Matthews starts making faces which — he thinks — the camera isn’t picking up.