Chris Cillizza at WaPo calls it a “huge boon” for MoveOn. Sure, just like it’s a huge boon for Republicans trying to motivate a dispirited base. Everyone wins when the hard left attacks. Rudy’s begging them to hit him again, in fact; it’s the easiest way to prove his conservative bona fides to primary voters.

NBC says Cornyn’s senate resolution condemning MoveOn — by name — will get a vote today. I’m not sure if that’s good politics or bad politics. It ostensibly forces Democrats to choose between MoveOn and Petraeus but that lets Hillary and the others who haven’t spoken up about it quietly get their opposition to it on record so that they can point back to it later when they’re criticized for not having condemned it. Bush is simply wrong, too, when he suggests that the Democrats are acting mainly out of fear of MoveOn’s fundraising power. That’s part of it but don’t forget the all-important quote from that mystery senator in Politico. They’re playing good cop/bad cop here, which is infinitely more disgusting and less excusable than cowardice.