Pretty tame compared to her fiddle-dee-dee routine the last time she pulled this. The clip comes from her speech to the Service Employees International Union in D.C. on Monday, which makes it an odd place for her to unleash the Blanche DuBois within. The Times thinks she reserves her accent for black audiences but that’s impossible to say without knowing what the demographic breakdown among the SEIU crowd was. I think their class rather than their race is probably the determining factor; when the Smartest Woman in the World is among the common folk, it’s only natural-like that she’d jaw at ’em in their own brutish tongue. Then again, I was in City Hall Park last year when she addressed a crowd of illegals during one of the gran marchas and her gerunds then were as proper as you’d expect from a Wellesley gal by way of Yale Law. So maybe it isn’t just a class thing after all.

Anyway, that’s not why you should listen to the clip. Listen to it because, against all odds, it’s quite a stemwinder. I never thought I’d see the Glacier heat up during a speech but she’s got a good head of steam going there and is working the crowd impressively. (Not that it did her much good.) If that’s the Hillary we’re looking at in the general, it could be even tougher than we thought.

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