Remember him? He and his family are in the U.S. now, ensconced in an apartment near the Grossman Burn Center and awaiting the first of the 8 to 10 surgeries he’ll need to get back to something close to normal. CNN has basically embedded with his family and is covering their every move with an O.J.-like intensity. The narrative is prefab — Iraqis trapped in hell take a trip to heaven to save their little boy — but it works, even if they do occasionally go a little heavy on the “look how impressed these simple people are with our culture” sauce.

Heart-warming to see the little guy doing well, though. It’d be cruel to send them back to Baghdad when this is over, which I’m sure CNN is factoring into their decision to publicize their case as much as possible. The first clip below shows the family arriving in California and meeting with Dr. Grossman, the second shows the prayer at the beach. Click the image to watch.



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