“Why is MoveOn attacking Rudy Giuliani?” the narrator intones. Er, isn’t it because Rudy attacked MoveOn? Twice?

No matter. Savor the paradox of Giuliani: a politician savvy enough to enlist controversies like this to his own end, quick-witted enough to seize fleeting opportunities at the debate for major point-scoring, yet somehow tone-deaf enough to break up with his wife at a press conference. It’s idiot-savant-like.

Geraghty notes an NPR interview suggesting MoveOn’s plan to use “betrayal” as a running theme throughout the campaign. That’s remarkably stupid, if true. The knock on Republicans right now has to do with competence, not loyalty; with Pelosi jetting off to do photo ops with Assad and Kerry ripping Bush at Davos while seated next to Khatami, a war over who’s more loyal to America will be much easier for the GOP to fight than a war over who can make the trains run on time.

But back to Rudy. His real achievement here has been dragging Hillary into the center of the “Betray Us” fiasco. Here’s the latest Clinton supporter to knock MoveOn for the ad, something the Glacier herself has conspicuously refused to do. It hasn’t gone unnoticed, even on the left.