Via Ed Driscoll, this one’s too sweet to be buried as an update to the other post. TMZ updated its earlier item with a headscratcher: If Manilow has such a deep principled objection to Elisabeth’s politics, how come he appeared on “The View” not once but twice last year when she was on? She’s been conservative since she joined the show. Did he just figure it out now?

Or has he been influenced by outside parties?

Way back in July we started getting psyched up for Barry Manilow’s upcoming album, The Greatest Songs of the Seventies, and its sure-to-be-amazing lead track, a duet with Rosie O’Donnell on “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” And now, just weeks before the record’s September 18 release, Billboard reports the horrifying news that the song has been cut from the album!…

“But Rosie … was inspiring,” he continues. “She’s not a singer, really, and she got behind that mic and she turned into a rock ‘n’ roll singer. I hope people don’t think we didn’t put it on because she wasn’t great. She was great. It’s a wonderful cut; it just doesn’t fit on the album, but it’ll probably be a bonus cut somewhere.”

Access Hollywood calls them “longtime friends” but speculates that this is less a matter of Rosie leaning on him to take revenge on Hasselbeck than him trying to kick up some buzz for the new album. Exit question: It’s Rosie’s fault, right? Sure it is. C’mon.