I surrender. TMZ’s posted 38 seconds of a six-minute tape of what it claims is the actual confrontation between the Juice and the memorabilia dealers who were allegedly trying to fence some of his belongings. The man who recorded it: Thomas Riccio, an auction house employee from California who claims to have been approached a month ago by the person who stole O.J.’s stuff. Riccio says he called Simpson, whom he’d met before, after the thief’s overture and that somehow led to the “sting operation” in Vegas last week. Why Riccio was there to accompany him and how he and O.J. were able to track down the goods in another city are unclear at the moment, and extremely shady. As is the fact that Riccio just happens to be the guy who tried to sell Anna Nicole Smith’s diaries.

Yes, there’s actually an Anna Nicole connection to this case.

Presumably Riccio recorded the incident because he thought the memorabilia dealers might confess to fencing the goods when surprised by O.J. Or did he do it with precisely this scenario in mind, knowing that he’d have a hot property in his hands if O.J. got in trouble? Exit question one: If, as Riccio has said, O.J. didn’t use force when entering the room, why are there men on the tape screaming, “Backs against the wall”? And exit question two: Why, if there were no guns in the room, is O.J. allegedly leaving Riccio voicemail messages trying to convince him that there were no guns in the room? Click the image to listen.


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