Or until there’s a new strategy in Iraq, he says. It’s Stewart Zamudio, seen earlier this year in television commercials for New York’s Army National Guard and now devoting his time to anti-war interviews with leftist websites — while in uniform. The reason this isn’t all over the news yet is because it was posted to YouTube only yesterday; expect to see plenty of crowing about it this week on MSNBC, at least, where Chris Matthews will won’t ask Hardball regular and noted uniform stickler Jon Soltz whether he disapproves of troops politicking in Army dress when their message comes from the left, not the right. Soltz would be forced to say that he does or risk looking like the biggest hypocrite who ever came down the pike, but I suspect we’d see some “nuance” in his tone that was strangely absent when he was chewing out David Aguina for standing up at Yearly Kos.

Here’s a brief analysis of statutes after the yKos incident governing a soldier’s right or lack thereof to espouse political views while in uniform. Click the image to watch.


Update: Not exactly breaking news but he’s votin’ Democrat.

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