From yesterday’s John Gibson radio show. All amnesty supporters violate Godwin’s law eventually. Some, like KP and that dopey priest who compared immigration enforcement to “ethnic cleansing,” are on their way there but haven’t yet reached their destination. Others, like Gibby’s pal Geraldo, have long since arrived. Besides, they’re running out of moral leaders to compare Elvira to; the victims of Nazi atrocities open up a whole new universe of queasy comparisons. So here’s unctuous open borders shill Javier Rodriguez casually comparing the Nuremberg laws to the suggestion that Arellano should have taken her kid home with her to Mexico instead of letting him be used as a prop for in some ghoul’s empowerment passion play. Click to listen. Exit question: Why won’t he deny that he’s going to try to register illegals to vote?

Update: Our fearless, amnesty-pushing secretary of DHS has himself a new blog, so if you’d like to thank him for deporting her after letting her make a mockery of America’s immigration law for more than a year, knock yourself out.

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