A timetable for withdrawal or complete defunding of the war: those are the only options Bush should have, insists Silky, ignoring in his own “reality-based” way the fact that he doesn’t have the votes to make either one happen. The highlight comes at the midway point when he lectures us about how Iraq is a political problem to which there’s no military solution. Really? Silky’s plan is to pull out and let both sides hammer away at each other until one of them’s beaten to such a pulp that they have no choice but to “reconcile.” That’s not just a military solution, it’s potentially a final solution. He can’t cop to that, though, so he’s got to float the fantasy of Sunni and Shia finally coming together as U.S. humvees speed off into the sunset to work out their problems like big boys and girls. Like I say: reality-based.

Update: Oh, almost forgot. Yes, of course there’s a fundraising appeal attached.