St. Cindy’s just about out of absolute moral authority so they brought along a father of a soldier killed in action to shield them from the flak they’ll be taking for this latest stunt. The occasion was a Heritage Foundation panel on the war led by Fred Kagan, one of the architects of the surge, and featuring leftist bete noire Michael O’Hanlon. The woman in the first clip in the black dress and glasses is Medea Benjamin, of course; she and the Pinkos have traded their standard gear lately for “civilian” clothing the better to infiltrate events like these. Most of the fireworks come in the second clip although I’ve never heard of the woman involved in that scene.

If they just scream loud enough, if they’re just disruptive enough, if they annoy just enough people, maybe the troops will come home. Or something. Thanks to Patrick Ishmael of News Buckit for the tip.