Keep it up, padre. Every thick, stupid, hysterical word out of your mouth, Elvira’s, the Mustache’s and other amnesty supporters only make things easier for our side.

That segment opened with a suggestion that Arellano’s son is being abused from having to do all these dog and pony shows, but unfortunately they didn’t delve too deeply into the subject. Fox was at the scene yesterday outside Pelosi’s office, though, when they came stampeding through and did catch a glimpse of him in the chaos. Quote:

Anti-illegal immigration activists say the boy is being exploited for a wrong-headed cause: the legalization of some 12 million illegal immigrants.

“He’s being sacrificed. What are the ramifications of using him as a human shield?” Pulido asked.

When supporters of Saul Arellano led the boy to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s congressional office to deliver a letter, he was clearly overcome by the noise and crush of people and cameras.

I can’t find video anywhere of what happened but I think there’s a tiny snippet of it here at around 1:03. It’s less than two seconds long but watch it anyway to see the look of sheer terror on his face from what these miserable cretins are putting him through. I screencapped it below in case the video is pulled, to have it onhand the next time Geraldo compares her to Moses or whoever.