People were e-mailing about this yesterday and Instapundit picked up it this morning so here you go. It’s fun as a piece of theater but the seeds of Republican ruin lie within. It’s true, the Dems have failed to implement their agenda on Iraq, but only because they lack the 60 votes needed to break a GOP filibuster and the 67 needed to override a GOP presidential veto. The obvious lesson for the majority of the public who wants to start pulling troops out is to remove those roadblocks at the polls next November, unless of course things improve significantly in Iraq between now and then and anti-war sentiment softens.

It’ll be interesting to see whether and how the prospect of an anti-war landslide next fall motivates the Iraqi government to get it in gear. The left has been insisting for months that a partial pullout will “send a message” to Maliki that he and the parliament need to get cracking on reconciliation. If they’re right, then polls next spring showing the Dems with a 10- or 15-point lead should accomplish the same trick, since a victory for the left means some type of significant drawdown starting in January 2009 and Maliki, the Sunnis, the Kurds, and certainly Iraq’s neighbors all know it. Make a move soon, boys — well in advance of next November, because jittery Republican senators aren’t going to wait that long to flip — or prepare for the consequences. The Saudis in particular may want to start here.

Anyway, a bad day all in all yesterday for Madam Speaker. But watch Reid try to come to the aid of the damsel in distress. Pelosi’s having none of it.