I asked for it the other day and now it’s online so I’m obliged to post. A serviceable campaign bio, the cheesy country-boy guitar soundtrack notwithstanding. Don’t look now but according to Survey USA he’s cut Rudy’s lead in California from 39-19 on August 6 to 28-26 on September 10 and, per CBS, from 38-18 nationwide to 27-22. (McCain’s also gotten a giant bounce from Iraq, up from six points to 18.) He picked up another two points on Rudy in the Rasmussen overnight poll, too. Grok this from CBS’s story:

Also troubling for Giuliani may be how knowledgeable his own supporters are of his tenure as mayor, aside from 9/11. A majority of Giuliani supporters were unable to say whether crime went up or down during his administration, despite his frequent mentions of making New York safer. And more than 70 percent of Giuliani supporters didn’t know whether race relations got better or worse under Giuliani – several well-publicized incidents involving New York police are credited with exacerbating racial tensions in the city while Giuliani was mayor.

There even appears to be some ignorance among Giuliani’s supporters on the issue that most separates him from the rest of the GOP field: his support for abortion rights. While 41 percent say Giuliani favors legal abortions, 31 percent believe, incorrectly, that he opposes them.

However, even if more Republicans become aware of his position on abortion, Giuliani may still win the nomination. By a 2-to-1 margin, Republican primary voters said they could vote for a less conservative candidate if they believed that candidate would win in a general election…

As for that “Phoney Fred” site that Mitt’s campaign denies having had anything to do with, Team Thompson unloaded yesterday:

“There is no room in our party for this kind of smut. As the top executive of his own campaign, Governor Romney should take full responsibility for this type of high-tech gutter politics and issue an immediate apology. If this is true, Governor Romney should exercise some of his much-touted executive acumen and immediately terminate anyone related to this outrage.”

The site’s offline now but you can see a bit of it here. WaPo and the Times both say the domain name trail leads back (via a Romney donor, according to Politico) to a top Romney advisor in South Carolina, where Mitt’s desperate to torpedo Fred to prove that he can’t win even in the south. Exit question: Was it really unconnected to Mitt or was it “unconnected” in the sense that MoveOn’s Petraeus ad was “unconnected” to the Democrats? Quote:

“No one wants to call [Petraeus] a liar on national TV,” noted one Democratic senator, who spoke on the condition on anonymity. “The expectation is that the outside groups will do this for us.”

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