With a veto-proof majority, no less! The AP says the House passed a similar bill in July but I can’t find the roll for that one. The Senate has long been the squishier of the two when it comes to Mexico, though, so I’ll assume the House margin was veto-proof too. (Update: It was. See below.)

Here’s the Senate roll. You may be surprised, although you shouldn’t be.


Figured it out yet? Last hint:


Update: Noam Askew emails to say that the House vote to ban the trucks was 362-63. Bush is staring down the barrel of an embarrassing veto override.

Update: A fair point by Rob Port about the benefits of free trade. NAFTA’s had a decade to “invigorate” Mexico’s economy, though, and yet the oceans of illegals continue to pour over the border. Why would you believe trucking would make any appreciable difference?

Update (9/13): Whoops, looks like that House roll wasn’t the right one. It passed by a voice vote, not 362-63.