Worth a clip. This has been the only moment of true political theater thus far aside from the Code Pink hissyfit, and he does, after all, have the majority on his side. An eloquent statement (particularly when he reminds Petraeus of an earlier encounter they had), if obnoxious in its transparent grandstanding; it’s fortuitous for the Dems that committee seniority made it fall to someone with his unique moral authority to give the benediction for pulling out and abandoning millions of innocent Iraqis to their fate. Not the first time he’s been enlisted as political cover for something in that vein, either. I’ll let Pam Hess provide the counterargument.

You’ll be surprised to learn that Obama and Bill “Troops Out Now” Richardson are also pre-emptively unconvinced by Petraeus. But on the bright side, everyone thinks he’s a real swell dude.

FYI, I had to cut the first 20 seconds or so here, in which Lantos praised the two men’s ability, to make the 10-minute YouTube limit.

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