Thanks as always to the King Jawa for delivering the jihadi video goods. Here’s the full 25-minute version, although you’re better off skipping it and sticking with the transcript: not only does it take a fraction of the time to read but, very curiously, the video actually switches to a freeze frame of Bin Laden at the 1:55 mark and stays that way for the rest of the clip with only the audio still playing. I can’t imagine why they’d do that unless they thought he looked ill — which he sort of does — and wanted to omit the visual evidence of him fading as the speech wears on.

Our favorite liberal media water-carrier was feeling defensive last night over the similarities between Osama’s “special comment” and some of the left’s pet talking points so he did a little projecting to deflect criticism. Nice try, Krazy, but the evidence doesn’t lie.

Update: “It was at this point, I thought I was listening to Keith Olbermann.”