Not the first time Olby’s climbed down from something with his name on it, although it may be the first for which he’s personally responsible. The offense is his spastic, semi-coherent rant about Michael Vick at halftime a few weeks ago. I said at the time that even after three viewings I still wasn’t sure what his point was; evidently I wasn’t the only one. I wonder which NBC executive leaned on him to “clarify” his earlier comments, doubtless because the network was getting pissy phone calls from people who misunderstood and thought he was defending Vick. They can’t have their golden boy alienating the viewership in his first week. It’s supposed to take at least a few months for that.

In case you’re keeping score, number of apologies for mild ambiguity in a throwaway comment about a quarterback: one. Number of apologies for repeated Nazi analogies, conspiracy theorizing about terrorist plots, and tacit endorsements of Geraldo Rivera’s desire to spit on Michelle: zero.