Sort of. WND claims he was recommended for his seat on the New School board of trustees by Friend of Billary Bernard Schwartz, who was allegedly allowed to sell ICBM technology to the Chinese military in 1996 after dropping some coin in the Clinton coffers. So far as I know, that’s unrelated to the Chinese fundraising scandal that came later, although WND sees fit to mention both in the same piece. Pretty clearly they mean to suggest (but never clearly assert, of course) that the Chinese government is helping to bankroll Hillary’s campaign with Hsu as their bag man. It’s unclear how Schwartz fits into that theory, although I guess by tapping him into the New School the argument would be that he’s introducing Hsu to influential circles where he can gain access to top Democrats (starting with New School chief Bob Kerrey). It’d make for a great movie — or a great sequel, rather — but it’s ridiculously tenuous thus far.

Still, where’d he get all that dough? Flip keeps on crunching the numbers and the sums keep a-pilin’ up. With all the aspersions being cast on him, you’d think Hsu would simply hand some records of his alleged Silicon Valley windfall to the Times and let them clear his name. As it is:

[F]or a number of businesses that Mr. Hsu has listed in recent years as his own, no corporation records are available, and visits to addresses he has given in campaign finance filings found no trace of them.

In one filing, he listed his occupation as a co-investor with a New Jersey fashion designer. But yesterday, the designer said he had never heard of Mr. Hsu and had never done business with him.

Reached for comment, Billy Jeff pronounced himself shocked, shocked at the impropriety of it all — even though Hsu arguably isn’t even the shadiest big donor in the Clinton camp. Exit question: This scandal isn’t enough to take Hillary down, but if it blows wide open, does it least sink Bob Kerrey’s possible senate run in Nebraska?