First press conference: a week ago, to announce he’s not gay, isn’t resigning, and never would have had that misunderstanding with the cop if it hadn’t been for that meddling Idaho Statesman. Second press conference: Saturday, to announce he’s resigning lest, among other reasons, his continued presence undermine the war effort. Next press conference: coming soon, to announce he’s un-resigning, the war effort be damned, and putting the Specter “GOP nightmare” master plan into action.

“It’s not such a foregone conclusion anymore, that the only thing he could do was resign,” said Sidney Smith, Craig’s spokesman in Idaho’s capital.

“We’re still preparing as if Senator Craig will resign Sept. 30, but the outcome of the legal case in Minnesota and the ethics investigation will have an impact on whether we’re able to stay in the fight — and stay in the Senate.”…

A telephone call Craig received last week from Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., urging him to consider fighting for his seat is affecting Craig’s decision to reconsider his resignation, Smith said.

“I think the episode is over,” said Mitch McConnell this afternoon, hoping against hope that Craiggers would go gracefully and not leave the GOP to navigate yet another electoral depth charge. As it is, not only might he rescind his resignation, he might try to get his plea vacated, too — a tough haul, as, per CBS’s Minneapolis affiliate, Minnesota courts only grant such motions in the event of “manifest injustice,” such as the imposition of an unduly draconian sentence. Then, of course, he’d have to stand trial. Or would he? Does the local D.A. really want to press his luck with this given the heat they’ve taken from both sides for busting Craig on such an innocuous charge? If he beats the rap, they’ll never get another plea to bathroom solicitation.

He doesn’t need to overturn the plea to keep his seat, either. It was only a misdemeanor so they don’t have cause to expel him, and the last thing the GOP wants is a debate over why Vitter skated on a reprimand when Craig likely won’t. McConnell tried to answer that today with the point about how Vitter wasn’t prosecuted for anything, but that’s not going to do him much good if the media gets a chance to take a sustained look at the gay/straight double standard. So the ethics committee will probably back off too. Suddenly Craiggers is holding all the cards.

Here’s Specter making the case for why he should un-resign, in case you missed it Sunday.