Rob Port makes most of the salient points but I like Henke’s take the best, even though a better analogy than abortion is the left’s support for the right to die. As Althouse says, the creepiest part is that it’s not just physical check-ups that would be mandatory. I’m curious to see how Silky’s nutroots fanboys digest it; they’re the new face of the Democratic center, we’re solemnly assured, so we should expect some pushback against such a classically socialist plank, no? Certainly the screeching jackasses who fret about the NSA wiretapping calls between foreign persons that are merely routed through the United States will raise an eyebrow at the thought of state-required confabs with a shrink, right? Right. Hold your breath.

All I’d add to the other commentary is that it’s not simple contempt for individual liberty that’s led Edwards down this path. He knows costs are going to explode within a universal system as more people avail themselves of it so he has to try to manage them by forcing us to treat our problems early, before they become more serious and more expensive. And so another “well meaning” socialist program leads inexorably to compulsion. Surprise.