An anxious, darkly amused nation waits with bated breath. Is Craiggers on his way “out”? Or is he going to soldier on to a glorious landslide defeat next November? You’d better believe we’ll have video. Prediction: He denies everything but announces that he’s retiring at the end of his term so that he can spend more time with his grandchildren. Hey, he’s a family man.

Some reading while we wait. He was “agitated and demeaning” upon being arrested, says the cop who collared him. Really? Our Craiggers? The man who showed him his business card and quipped, “What do you think about that?” Meanwhile, Mitt makes a bold, risky move by dragging the Clenis into this. That’s smart politics in giving the base something to rally to, not so smart in antagonizing the left, which probably would have let him skate on this.

FYI, Craig’s rating by the gay rights group Human Rights Campaign: donut.

Update: You’re on your own, Larry.

Update: Here’s the statement. He’s not quitting but he did say he’ll decide next month whether he’ll stand for re-election. He’s also absolutely, positively, no-doubt-about-it, 100% not gay. Stand by for video, including some parting shots by our illustrious press corps calling on him to come out of the closet.

Update: Here’s the vid. His excuse for pleading guilty in June? Those mean people at the Idaho Statesman, whose checking up on him got him so flustered and disoriented that he, er, copped a plea to a charge stemming from an alleged act of lewd conduct. Makes sense.

He’s retained counsel to explore his options, presumably re: overturning the plea. Probability: Extremely low. Be sure to listen closely at the very end of the clip (I’ve boosted the audio) for the press — or bystanders? — yelling, “What if you are gay?” and “Come out of the closet!”

Update: MM polls her readers. Auf wiedesehen, Larry.

Update: You can always count on Chrissy. I quite agree with Mark Finkelstein: Please, let’s do have our moral betters weigh in on the parameters of deviancy. We’d all love to know.

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