Well, no, refusing to enforce the law isn’t quite the same as breaking it, but her basic point is true. If you don’t take your own policies seriously, don’t be surprised when illegals — and their governments — don’t either.

I’m glad she’s talking, though. For all the anger at her, let’s please appreciate what a jewel of a spokesman she is for our own side. The media is itching to portray her as the humble mom driven from the country she’d adopted as her own, but she simply will. not. play. ball. Here’s a taste of her grandiose martyrdom complex:

“If my deportation has united the people, for me it’s good,” she said. “That price had to be paid. If that’s the way it happened, I’m satisfied.”


Why do you think you were arrested and deported now?

They always had plans to deport me because I speak out. They saw me as a threat to the United States because of the actions I took in favor of legalization. I knew this. They need to send a message to the undocumented.

In fact, they deported her because she was an embarrassing public reminder of how shy the feds are about enforcing the law. As for her assimilation into American culture, recall that last year after the first “gran marcha” the Undocumented marchers wisely switched their sea of Mexican flags to a sea of American ones. A burst of patriotism? Of course not; if they felt that, they’d have had American flags from the beginning. But the leftists who advise them were smart enough to realize that they’d do better with voters if they pretended to be true blue, so out came the stars and stripes. Elvira, god love her, isn’t having any of that. And remember, this is a woman who lived in the U.S. for years, whose own son is an American citizen:

Arellano, however, was focused Monday evening on the agonizing question of whether her son, Saul, would stay with her in Mexico or return to Chicago, where he has lived most of his life. Family friend Rev. Walter “Slim” Coleman said late Monday he expects the boy will return to Chicago for school. Earlier, Arellano had said she hoped he would stay with her, but would take Saul’s wishes into account.

“I will continue to tell him about the beauties of my country,” she said. “He will know that he will have a marvelous future here.”…

Arellano said Monday that she has no intention of trying to return either legally or illegally to the United States. She has already received a job offer in Mexico.

“I am in my country. I can walk through the streets free, without fear,” she said.

Sounds like a magical place. Maybe she can help her countrymen to appreciate it.

Update: She said America broke the law first. When she’s right, she’s right.