Fantastic news. The order applies to all cases involving serious, i.e. indictable, offenses — and drunk driving. A good thing, too.

After a review driven by three brutal slayings, the state attorney general on Wednesday ordered New Jersey law enforcers to notify federal immigration officials whenever someone arrested for an indictable offense or drunken driving is found to be an illegal immigrant…

While saying she did not want to “Monday morning quarterback” the Newark case, [attorney general Anne] Milgram said that if the policy had been in place when Jose Carranza was indicted on the prior charges, federal officials might have placed an immigration hold on him, meaning he would have remained in custody or bail might have been set higher because of his immigration status…

The killings highlighted the need “to have a uniform state policy on notification to immigration,” Milgram said. Before the directive, “all police departments in our state had complete discretion as to if, when and how to notify immigration authorities.”

The policy applies immediately to all state and local law enforcement and to prosecutors. It also specifies that police notify prosecutors and courts when illegal immigrants are arrested…

The directive, however, prohibits officers from checking the immigration status of crime victims, witnesses or people seeking police assistance.

That last bit is there to make sure illegals continue to report crimes. I’d like to call this a victory, but I can’t. The toll is already too high. Back with the Geraldo/Tancredo showdown video in a few minutes.

Update: Here you go — Geraldo smearing right-wing blogs and Michelle, all but in name, amid the usual cacophony and nonsense. First up, a paranoid Alan Colmes puts words in Tancredo’s mouth and then torches the straw man, mumbling something about “subliminal messages” along the way. Then Geraldo takes America’s temperature and detects great anger — not towards the sanctuary city policies which 58% would punish with defunding but towards people like Tancredo for pointing out the problem. He and Tanc shout it out for the next minute or so, then the smear: Geraldo accuses right-wing blogs, including those of certain contributors to the Fox News Channel who shall remain nameless, of being interested in Zina Linnik’s murder for 24 hours and then quitting on it when they found out the suspect was a veteran. Hey, buddy? You’re insane. Here’s Michelle’s first post acknowledging Adhahn’s military service, as if it mattered one bit, dated July 13. Here’s her next post about Linnik, on July 15. And another, involving yet another Geraldo smear, on the 16th. And another, reprinting her column about Linnik, on the 18th. And yet another later that same night. And then an update on the 23rd, followed by another full post five hours later. Six separate posts over 10 days, and that’s only starting on July 13. Plain and simple, he’s a liar, and his bizarre non sequitur about Adhahn’s veteran status proves how unserious he is about this, as if righty bloggers would let him skate on murder if he could produce a dogtag. And the capper? He repeats the erroneous claim that Adhahn was a naturalized citizen. Totally wrong. As wrong as it was when he first said it two months ago.

Listen carefully, too, as Colmes announces the commercial break and teases the Pat Schroeder “conservatives don’t read” story. Is that a sarcastic “noooo” I hear from you know who in the background?

The segment after that is Geraldo laying the rhetorical groundwork to claim absurdly that a Democratic victory next year should be read as an endorsement of amnesty, notwithstanding that pesky 58% figure. And finally, Colmesy finishes up by asking mean ol’ Tom Tancredo what he thinks about illegal alien parents who might let their deathly ill children die rather than bring them to the ER and risk deportation. Tancredo’s left basically speechless. So am I.

Update: One more thing for the man who cares so much more than those right-wing bloggers: her name was Zina Linnik, not “Zani.”