Wow. Standard industry practice calls for Islamist substitutes to be white supremacists and/or Serbs. What could have possessed the Beeb to eschew the old tried-and-true and use a darling leftist cause instead? Just throwing righties a bone to try to defuse the inevitable outcry over their whitewashing of jihad? Won’t work, boys.

They’re not afraid of Muslim reaction, they’re just trying to be “sensitive” by not depicting anything that might reinforce stereotypes by reflecting actual reality.

According to Casualty sources, senior drama executives had supported starting the new series with a two-part special in which a young Muslim runs into a bus station and blows himself up.

But the plotline was blocked by guideline staff, who oversee the corporation’s editorial and ethical standards. They were said to have been worried that the episode would perpetuate the stereotype of young British Muslims.

It comes as Channel 4 plans to broadcast a two-part thriller depicting the carnage caused by a female Muslim suicide bomber from Bradford, who blows herself up at Canary Wharf in London.

Don’t get too excited about that Channel 4 program, either. Given their track record, expect it to be loaded to the gills with “root causes.”

Exit question: Any of our British readers up for videotaping the inevitable PETA protest outside BBC headquarters? This terrible, offense-giving stereotyping of animal rights activists must not be allowed to pass unchecked.