Well, pre-Bush conservatism, I should say. Bigger military, more effective domestic intelligence, fewer entitlements, tax reform: David Broder thinks it’s a bombshell and Jim Geraghty’s genuinely flabbergasted, although that may be because he seems to think Fred’s hinting at raising taxes and I don’t. He has made some noise about the Fair Tax, but so have five other candidates including conservative stalwart Duncan Hunter so he’s not exactly out on a limb.

The one potential grenade is his criticism of Medicare but he can finesse that as the campaign rolls on before the AARP asks to have a word with him. For now it’s just smart politics, especially with the health-care battle looming: it’s a cautionary tale of government bloat and it’s Bush-backed, so Fred gets to kill two ugly birds with one stone.

Seriously, am I missing something about why this is big news? Also, doesn’t Fred have more immediate problems?

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