A-yup, especially when it fails to, er, flesh out a juicy anecdote about naked Christians trying to convert a naked atheist in a hot tub. Still, it’s nice to see the usual man-among-the-apes tone of the media’s reporting on Christians semi-justified for once by the oddness of the circumstances here — even if it is a little gratuitous with the ugly details:

One woman sits facing the congregation. She’s clothed only in a pair of thin cotton shorts with an elastic waistband hiked up almost to meet her large, heavy breasts. She takes hold of one breast, lifts it off her stomach and covers the flesh underneath with a thick swipe of deodorant. She moves slowly and deliberately. No one seems to notice.

If anything, the group would be hard-pressed to understand why an outsider might find it offensive. Why wouldn’t you want to sit at the dinner table with your plate of Cherokee’s famous barbecue and come face-to-face with a passerby’s penis as you gnaw on a drumstick?…

The CNC women agree that the nudist resort is one of the few places where they aren’t judged by the size of their breasts or the style of their clothes. But that doesn’t explain why, even here, some of them have traces of eyeliner on their lids, artfully feathered hair and nether regions waxed—in some cases, full-Brazilian style, which is to say, bare—to high heaven.

MKH does what she can to salvage a political angle from this otherwise neutral tale of faith, freedom, and fat.