The good news for this recovering addict: He didn’t ingest any controlled substance.

The likely bad news: Now he’s hooked on human remains.

This is the third iteration of this story, in case you’re keeping track.

WHEN Keith Richards retracted claims that he had snorted his father’s ashes with a generous sprinkling of cocaine, he put the kibosh on one of the greatest Rolling Stones anecdotes.

But now the 63-year-old rocker has admitted he did inhale his father Bert’s remains – just not with class-A narcotics…

“The cocaine bit was rubbish,” says “Keef”, who is penning his autobiog­raphy.

“I said I chopped him up like cocaine, not with. I’d opened his box up and said, ‘Jesus, I’ve got to do something with dad, y’know, plant the oak tree.’

“I pulled the lid off and out comes a bit of dad on the dining room table. I’m going, ‘I can’t use the brush and dustpan for this’. So you just gotta like, put it together.

“What I found out is that ingesting your ancestors is a very respectable way of… y’know, he went down a treat.”

I know I’m going to regret asking this, but here’s your exit question: Why did he feel compelled to “chop up” the ashes before dumping them on the oak tree? Force of habit?