Geraghty catches what he thinks is a flip-flop but which is actually the rare flip-flop-flip. Read the two quotes he’s got. If you parse them very, very finely, as Hillary shills doubtless will, you can make the case that she’s saying it’s okay to target Osama unilaterally but not Al Qaeda training camps, which require a joint effort. But why on earth would she make that distinction? The camps aren’t so sprawling that they’d require days’ worth of sorties to take out and you’re going to run the risk of collateral damage even in a very precise attack on Bin Laden himself. Take out the whole camp and you may well prevent a terrorist attack; kill the man and you only hand the reins to Zawahiri.

And needless to say, this isn’t a subject on which Hillary, of all people, wants to appear weak.

That’s the flop and the second flip. Here’s the original flip, from the CNN debate on June 3. You’ll find it at the end after Obama and Spicoli’s candidate of choice are done hashing out their little dispute. What could explain her willingness to take a unilateralist line here and then again yesterday, but not on July 27? Go back to Geraghty’s post and note who her audience was that night. There’s your answer.

Meanwhile, here’s what the man who’s going to Heal the World and restore our good global standing accomplished yesterday. Hillary may be telling people what they want to hear but at least she’s not walking into doorknobs.