The scoop? Instead of making an empty populist gesture by hopping aboard the subway at his local stop, he gets a chauffeured NYPD SUV ride down to 59th Street, where he makes his empty populist gesture by hopping aboard the express. The SUVs run on ethanol, too, so his green hypocrisy is minimal. Number of weeks required for this sting: five. Number of Times employees needed to report it: three. Number of sidebar graphics accompanying this very important article: two. Political damage to Bloomberg: precisely zero.

Meanwhile, a Google News search reveals that only one site has thought to ask whether Bloomy approves of his police department’s decision to charge Stanislav Shmulevich with two felony counts of book-flushing. Maybe Bill Keller can assign eight reporters to ask him that at the next press conference. It’s not as big a story as his commute, granted, but some people are interested in it.