It’s everything a hit piece should be: snotty, gossipy, fun. Allegedly she’s a social climbing diva who needs a separate seat when they fly Gulfstream for her Louis Vuitton handbag. She’s also a good caretaker who supported Rudy during the time he had cancer and who tried (unsuccessfully, it seems) to form a family with his kids.


And her ire is apparently not confined to staff. “Listen. She can be very, very abrasive. At him!” says a close friend. There have been blowups, say those who have witnessed them, and obtuse demands. Some years ago on a plane to Japan, Judith became so angry at her husband, says a close Giuliani friend, that Rudy, who “couldn’t take it anymore,” moved to the back of the aircraft, switching places with an advance man.

In a massive Baden-Baden hotel suite five years ago, an observer tells me, a loud quarrel erupted when Judith pointedly denied one of her husband’s requests. She refused to remove her toiletries case from a bedroom reserved for a policeman, claiming it would be bothersome, since the case was already unpacked. In Mexico, I am told, at a time when security was very tight and armored S.U.V.’s were deemed necessary, she asked her husband to leave the car to retrieve a bag of health bars she had mislaid.

Worth a skim. Rudy’s camp naturally calls it gobsmackingly vile.