Yeah yeah, it’s a Dem poll. Normal caveats apply. Still:

# In the battleground of the 70 most competitive congressional districts (35 Democratic and 35 Republican-held), the Democratic incumbents, including the big class of freshmen, have quickly moved into dramatic leads in the named congressional ballot (52% to 40%.)

# In the 35 Republican battleground districts, the named Republicans trail their generic Democratic opponent by 5 points, 49% to 44%.

# In a poll across seven Republican-held U.S. Senate seats, the named U.S. Senators had a vote to re-elect of only 37% and were garnering only 44% of the vote against a generic challenger.

# The overall image of the Democratic Party has fallen back from the honeymoon post-election period to essentially where it stood for the whole 2006 election period — and that has been stable since April. On the other hand, the Republicans have weakened in the current period since April to their lowest thermometer score in the past half century.

Ace gave me a little free advice the other day to stop being such a downer. Yeah? Flip through these seven pages, noting in particular voters’ solution to the gridlock problem. Welcome to my nightmare.

There is one spot of good news although we have to go to a different poll to find it. Exit question: If Iraq is such a poisonous issue for the GOP, how do you explain this?


Update: I forgot to mention this story. A master stroke if it pans out, but would a Democratic majority really be so stupid as to push something like that through? If a Republican majority is that stupid in North Carolina, why not?