The fact that she (he?) somehow ends up front and center with that sign right in the Glacier’s face makes me laugh. I can’t decipher everything on the back (“Hillary Clinton is a cold, calculating, power hungry woman” and then something with a “G”) but the front is clear, and accurate. I get the feeling that a lot of Republicans think it’s accurate as applied to the GOP field, too. That’s where the real longing for Reagan comes from: not nostalgia for his vaunted communication skills, important and prodigious though they were, but nostalgia for the fact that he had a distinct vision for American government and wanted to put it in play. The only major candidate in the race on either side who seems to share that quality is, ironically, Silky, which doubtless explains part of his appeal to the nutroots. Newt would fit the bill on the right, but he’s unlikely to get in and is a sure loser if he did.

Mitt’s got a vision too, I guess, although coincidentally it didn’t coalesce until around the time he started thinking about running for president. “Shining city on a hill” versus “ocean of filth.” Feel inspired?