Of the many forms that speaking truth to power can take, perhaps the most poignant is a bratty nebbish confronting two secretaries in their cubicles. This appears to be an actual DNC production, which will doubtless be heralded for its allegedly clever “harnessing of the web” notwithstanding the lameness of the stunt itself and the fact that it means national committees involving themselves in the dumbest of dumb partisan pranks. Coming soon: the RNC has 1,000 ham/bacon/sausage pizzas delivered to Murtha’s district office with a note inviting him to enjoy the pork. Har dee har.

Seriously, they couldn’t have farmed this out to MoveOn or Mike Stark? Stark would have at least forced them to call security to throw him to the floor and drag him out of there. You want to put on a show, find a showman.