And after I’d gone ahead and cancelled this year’s shipment. Ah well. I only pray that you all didn’t panic like I did after Elizabeth’s communique on Tuesday.

Edwards eventually told Collins that his plan to curb global warming would have a “cost impact. No question about it,” but then his press shop ruined the “candid” moment by calling back to clarify:

Yesterday morning, a spokesman for the Edwards campaign called to clarify his position. The global warming program would not require families to pay more for everyday products, he said. “We are optimistic we will not have to raise the price of tangerines.”

“That’s fine,” you say, “but what about the emissions, AP? Cost is constant but those darned emissions increase from having to transport the tangerines over long distances.” True — but there’s a solution to that too. GE is there for you, my friends. Just think of them as frequent anti-flier miles: Pay for those tangerines with plastic and from now on they offset themselves.