Leo DiCaprio’s new documentary on global warming arrives at last. It’s 11:59, the world’s coming to an end, and everyone who isn’t a refugee will be dead. I’ve said this before vis-a-vis the Goracle but I’ll say it again: if they want to make this issue bipartisan, and there’s no reason it can’t be, they simply must de-celebrify it. It’s too closely associated right now with personalities conservatives hate and trendy, boutique “socially conscious” elitist cause celebres to get the right to take it seriously, which makes it a sort of photo negative of terrorism vis-a-vis the left. Get Newt on the horn and any other true believing conservative you can find and enlist them for the cause, then get Gore and Leo on the horn and tell them to take a powder for awhile. It’s sad that partisanship would dictate one’s critical judgment of empirical data but it’s also a fact of life, so adjust accordingly.

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