Suddenly he’s for incremental, enforcement-first change, and all it took was two months, two highest-of-high profile cloture defeats, and a ton of venomous press and opinion polls to convince him. “The [amnesty] bill was super super tough on border security,” he notes, politely neglecting to mention that most of the security measures were only added at the eleventh hour to woo conservatives after they killed the first measure of the bill and that among the “super super tough” measures he had in mind were exactly four drones for 2,000+ miles of border. That package was $4.4 billion; the current proposal is only two-thirds that amount. Why scale it back? Hey, why not? They’re keeping the four drones. Isn’t that enough?

The AP quotes him this afternoon as follows: “Border security is the gate that you must pass through to get to overall comprehensive reform.” I prefer the following ipse dixit from the clip: “Our efforts to secure the borders have been miserable failures because we’ve got 12 million people here illegally.” Meditate on that one for awhile and let me know if you figure it out. I’m stumped.

Naturally, the Democrats think they’ve gone way too far.

Update: It’s over budget and therefore must be vetoed, proclaims new fiscal conservative George Bush.

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