The perfect surreal note on which to start another long, long, long week. Anyone know the whole story on this? I know his name’s Tay Zonday, I know the clip was on YouTube for three months before suddenly going viral very recently, but that’s it. Opie & Anthony picked it up at some point (which prompted a call-in from the great man himself), but I can’t tell if they turned it into a phenomenon or came to it late like I did.

Like I say, the first clip is the one for which he’s famous — note the array of goof remixes piling up on the ‘Tube — but the second one, released four days ago after Zondaymania took the web by storm, is where he embraces the camp and deploys that basser-than-bass instrument of his to make pop magic. I like to think of him as what a young James Earl Jones could have done if he’d been an awful, awful singer/songwriter instead.