The subject doesn’t come up but doubtless you can count them as a firm “yes” on reviving the Fairness Doctrine. The peg for the article is their annual conference that’s happening this weekend in Miami Beach. Hillary’s scheduled to speak today; with this bit of demagoguery as a lead-in and the promise of votes in the air, a Spanish-accented quip about Republicans wanting Hispanics for their electoral fruit fields or whatever is practically guaranteed.

The nation’s largest Hispanic advocacy group says it must come up with a strategy to combat “a wave of hate” its leaders say came from talk radio’s efforts to sink the Senate’s immigration bill.

“That had an extraordinary impact in the Senate, and as a nation, I don’t think we should be comfortable with the fact that the United States Senate responded to what was largely a wave of hate,” Cecilia Munoz, the National Council of La Raza’s senior vice president for research, advocacy and legislation, told The Washington Times after meeting with NCLR affiliates to talk about a new strategy…

“I think we have to shine a light on it,” Ms. Munoz said. “At the end of the day, we believe people need to take sides, that you can’t stand on the sidelines, especially if part of what is motivating the actions of the United States Congress is not really about the public-policy debate, but is about their discomfort with Latinos.

Republicans are there too. Here’s what they’re doing to advance the assimilationist cause:

Speaking to delegates during lunch yesterday, Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Florida Republican and a Cuban immigrant, urged them to help preserve Spanish.

“It is important that we emphasize the Spanish language and that we keep the Spanish language, and that we transmit that emphasis to our children and our grandchildren,” he said.

Exit question: Why, per La Raza’s “logic,” would an allegedly inveterate Latino-hater like Tom Tancredo be so eager to go to bat for Latino Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean, to the point where he’s introducing garbage legislation to short circuit jury verdicts and prison sentences he doesn’t agree with?

Update: They’re interested in “balance.” No agenda here at all.