I told J$ a few days ago not to send me any more KP stuff until she squares her deep, principled support for pro-choice tool Hillary Clinton with her deep, principled support for the pro-life movement. That would at least leaven the hypocrisy of her ranting about how Giuliani supporters aren’t really voting for him based on his record. “You’ll be waiting a long time then,” he replied. True enough, but come this morning and what should appear in my inbox but this little jewel, which I guess he thought was too special not to share. True enough again. This is now the third radio segment in the span of about a month where some guest has flirted with her on air (although never this crassly), and while I’m in no position to throw stones on that count, doing it as an idle goof in the course of a blog post is a bit different than doing it while she’s trying to conduct a serious interview. Who’s going to be the first guest to say, “I’d hit that”? Rein it in, boys.

After the prospect of adultery is floated, they settle in for a nice chat about the surge, Geraldo’s guilt over having dodged the draft, and his assessment of Al Qaeda’s goals — “anarchy,” he says, which is true in the short term but only as a means of ultimately establishing a Salafist emirate. His take on Musharraf is closely in sync with Bryan’s excellent post the other day, though. Be sure to read that if you haven’t. It’s sterling stuff.