I’m posting this more for me than for you because I want it in the archives and at my fingertips the next time some shameless stooge from our media describes Qaradawi as a “moderate” per his condemnation of the 9/11 attacks. They’ve done it before (scroll all the way down) and they’ll do it again, notwithstanding his contempt for Jewish “Christkillers,” his nuance towards killing gays, and of course his notorious support for suicide bombing. They couldn’t have done it without him, says Meshaal:

[I]n his unequivocal fatwa, the sheik, may Allah reward him, considered martyrdom operations to be the most noble level of Jihad. That was unparalleled support for the people of Palestine, because, brothers and sisters, you cannot imagine how difficult it is psychologically for a young Palestinian man or woman to sacrifice themselves or what is most dear to them, only to encounter a conflict in their minds and hearts as to whether they are on the path of righteousness, or whether they are committing a religious violation.

There follows a short discussion of just how much worse than the Holocaust Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is. Click the image to watch.


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