From the moment I read the article I knew we had to have the clip. And thanks to the magic, all-seeing Tivos of the boys at Beyond The News, we do. This is only part one — part two (and three?) will be here shortly — and it doesn’t really get hopping until about the 5:40 mark, but let me lead you into it by asking the question you’ll soon be asking yourself: Is it possible for a speech to be both totally righteous and totally absurd?

Incidentally, there’s nothing about Michael Vick except at the very beginning and even then he’s not mentioned by name. The Kleagle, as old as he is, is prescient enough not to say anything that might prejudice a pending case, especially one involving a black defendant. Vick’s corporate sponsors understandably aren’t being quite as cautious.

Update: As promised, parts two and three courtesy of Greg H., Derek F., and the BTN crew.