Can you blame him? It’s quite a “get” — the anti-war movement’s foremost media whore enjoying a little in-studio special. Will she do them the honor of breaking news right then and there by declaring her candidacy opposite Nancy Pelosi, he wonders? I’ve already announced it, she politely reminds him. That’s at the end of the clip, though; what you’re really watching for is the beginning, where they tease her upcoming trip to Iraq. Sanchez knows how those crazy wingnuts operate, always with the “consorting with the enemy” stuff when people consort with the enemy. But St. Cindy promises she’ll be good and only meet with insurgents who are working towards reconciliation. Which creates the exceedingly remote yet still existent possibility that she’ll end up lecturing about how George Bush killed her son in front of the guy who actually killed her son. Click the image to watch.


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