From yesterday’s “Big Story.” Shilling for amnesty is his full-time gig but spreading false information about murder suspects is turning into a nice side project. First it was the wanusmaximus debacle after the VTech killing, now it’s Zina Linnik’s alleged killer, whom Geraldo helpfully informs us was a naturalized U.S. citizen and thus, since it’s exceedingly difficult to deport people once they’ve been granted citizenship status, “this has absolutely nothing to do with immigration status.” Wrong:

Adhahn was an immigrant. Why wasn’t he deported after his 1990 conviction for incest?

Because federal law didn’t require it. Adhahn, 42, came to America in 1977. He became a legal permanent resident, but never filed for citizenship.

Under federal law, a single conviction for a “crime of moral turpitude” doesn’t warrant deportation for a legal permanent resident, Lori Haley, a spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Friday.

“One conviction wouldn’t render him deportable, because he was a legal permanent resident more than five years,” Haley said.

Haley added that immigration officials knew about Adhahn’s 1990 conviction at the time.

The same laws say a second conviction could have triggered deportation. Adhahn was convicted of intimidation with a weapon in 1992. The case was filed in Tacoma Municipal Court. Immigration officials didn’t know about that conviction.

“We weren’t aware of the 1992 conviction at the time,” Haley said. “That happened in Municipal Court, so we were unaware.”

So this does have a little something to do with immigration status, huh? Specifically, it has to do with the scandalous incompetence of the feds in failing to keep tabs on convicted criminals in the system so that they can move quickly to bounce them when they become deportable. The death toll keeps rising and Geraldo keeps spin spin spinnin’. I wonder if Gibby will have him back on to “clarify” or if it’ll fall to O’Reilly to take him apart on Wednesday night.

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