Hope springs eternal for MM, but not for me. Last May he insisted that “they killed innocent civilians in cold blood”; fast forward 14 months and the charges against Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt are hanging by a fraying thread. So why not censure him for jumping the gun? Because that’s not the way things work for Nancy’s fair-haired boy, whose freedom to behave unethically is so total that he was spotted laughing during a House vote to have him reprimanded for threatening a Republican who asked him to stop stuffing his fat face with earmark pork. So, no, there’s not going to be any censure, just like there’s likely not going to be any civil suit judgments thanks to the Speech or Debate Clause. But by all means, try. Force the Democrats to vote against a censure measure and tacitly endorse his smear job. Force him to defend the lawsuit and hide behind his constitutional congressional privilege. It’ll make for a nice counterpoint to the effusive rhetoric on the Senate floor about how Democrats so love the troops that they’re urgently compelled to surrender right away.

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