She’s joined “the resistance,” he declares in a telling bit of ironic-but-not-really grandiosity about her latest piece. Actually, she joined more than two years ago, when she said of his utopian second inaugural, “It left me with a bad feeling, and reluctant dislike.” But like all ex-conservatives, Sully fancies himself brave and enlightened in having broken from the wingnut pack and thus arrogates to himself the leadership status required to formally welcome Peggy into some allegedly heroic subversive movement.

But here’s the twist. All along, he’s suggested that it’s not his shrill, hysterical bloviations against the right that’s alienated us from him, it’s our own stubborn wingnuttish fealty to Bush. Quite simply, we’re blinded by our ignorance and “Christianism” to his visionary vision. In which case, presumably, we should now feel the same hostility towards Noonan that we feel towards him, no? Go ahead and read her column, then. Anyone feeling hostile? Anyone squirming with contempt? If not, then dare I say it, the animosity may be less a question of principle than of tone.

Exit question: Now that she’s part of the brave, brave resistance, what membership privileges does Peggy enjoy? The right to float half-assed, vaguely anti-semitic conspiracy theories about Rumsfeld and Cheney? Or, better still, the right to imply that Fred Thompson’s gay?