We haven’t done any gadget blogging since my last iPhone fantasia so here’s what Nintendo rolled out yesterday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, i.e., E307. Behold the Wii Fit:

This new software will be packaged along side a pad called the Wii Balance Board that is pressure sensitive. With four genres of activities and over 40 activities including yoga, step aerobics, push-ups, and mini-games such as ski-jumping, and heading soccer balls. This Balance Board will measure weight, how balance shifts, and will be used as a new interface for games. The Wii Fit software will measure the Body Mass Index instead of spitting out your weight.

It’s a virtual treadmill, basically. Incidentally, anyone here have the Wii? I have the Xbox 360, as I think I’ve mentioned before, but I’m expecting the “red ring of death” any day now and might consider upgrading. Sell me on it, Wii fans. Make me believe.