“Insiders” being defined as “members of Congress, party activists, fundraisers, consultants, lobbyists, and interest-group leaders.” They’re in the game, ahead of the curve, and sensing big things for the man from Michigan and Massachusetts. I’m … surprised. I like Mitt, and his fundraising prowess is impressive, but is anyone psyched to turn out and vote for him? Except for Hugh Hewitt and my pal Barnett, I mean. He’s basically Fred with less charisma and much longer pro-choice rap sheet.

Here’s the latest video hit job on him from a site called Romney Facts. I’m willing to shrug off the sound bites as standard “I transcend partisanship” fare served up by a Republican to left-wing (Massachusetts) voters, but it certainly does him no favors given the suspicions of political opportunism that surround him.

Update: Then again, what do Insiders know?